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The Russel Hill Cancer Foundation provides assistance to eligible cancer patients on a regular basis. Over the past year, the Foundation provided transportation assistance, medication assistance, massage therapy socks, and flu shots to approximately 350 cancer patients.
Russel Hill was founded in May of 2006, when a group of oncologists, local researchers, and interested citizens met to discuss ways of assisting cancer patients, their families, and the community. From this group meeting, the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation was formed. The Foundation is committed to improving the health of the cancer patients by supporting bold, innovative cancer research, education, and patient assistance. The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Who is Russel Hill? In 1816, Lieutenant Colonel Albert Russel, a Revolutionary War veteran moved his family to Huntsville, Alabama. Russel’s family resided on a 900 acre plantation west of Huntsville and named it “Russel Hill.” Today, Russel Hill is the geographic location of the Clearview Cancer Institute and Russel Hill Cancer Foundation.