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Emily K. Pauli, PhrmD, is the director of research at CCI. You may reach her during business hours by calling 256-705-4224 or send an email.

Clinical Trials for Cancer

Eighty-five percent of cancer patients are treated in a community oncology clinic but only very few community oncology centers offer all phases of clinical trials, limiting your access to potentially life-saving therapies. The physicians of Clearview Cancer Institute have been involved in cancer research for over 25 years, and our commitment remains stronger than ever with new targeted therapies, better detection methods, genomic testing, and personalized medicine. For the last 12 years, the Cancer Accreditation Program, by the American College of Surgeons, awarded CCI Research their highest accommodation for clinical trial enrollment.

Our partners in research include patient volunteers, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and other clinical research sites that include leading cancer centers across the USA:

It is our combined efforts, but most importantly, patient volunteers that have and will continue to revolutionize cancer care.

Over 35 treatment-revolutionizing FDA approved drugs have been tested in clinical trials at CCI, including Herceptin® for breast cancer, Rituxan® and Gazyva® for leukemia and lymphoma, Avastin® for colon and lung cancer, and Gemzar® and Abraxane® for pancreatic cancer.